Vehicle Inspection in Birmingham

Buying a car is a significant investment for an average UK citizen, made in exchange for efficiency, comfort and peace of mind. That is why a car inspection is crucial before it is purchased.

National Vehicle Inspections is a registered company with a team of qualified experts executing meticulous vehicle inspections in Birmingham. Connect with us to let us ensure no details of your vehicle are overlooked.

Why Is Vehicle Inspection Important?

  • Checks the overall condition of the vehicle.
  • Exposes any faults and structural vulnerabilities.
  • Reduces maintenance costs by helping you buy an efficient vehicle.
  • Helps you make a wise and informed decision for a vehicle purchase.
Why Is Vehicle Inspection Important


Vehicle Inspection Service

Our Detailed Inspection Procedure

Interior and Luggage Compartment

Our inspector carries out a detailed inspection of the interior and boot, including steering wheel alignment, seats, seat belts, adjustment controls, door seals and hinges, locks and visors.

Suspensions, Steering and Underframes

A thorough inspection of both suspensions and underframes is carried out. From leaks to suspension units and tie bars, everything is carefully inspected to ensure they are in an appropriate condition.

Mechanical parts of the steering wheel are inspected, including the steering box and steering joints. The operation of power steering is also checked.

Body Exterior

A full bumper-to-bumper body exterior check is carried out. In this phase, overall panel condition and alignment are checked. It also includes inspection of exterior trims, paintwork, door locks, windscreen, tailgate hinges, and glass.

Engine Compartment

This phase includes inspecting the engine’s overall condition and checking for signs of deterioration in all mechanical parts, drive belts, water pump, hoses and fluid checks in the engine, brakes and power steering.

Electrical Controls

In this phase, all the electrical systems and controls are checked for faults, such as the lights and their controls, ignition system checks, mirror controls, horns, multimedia systems, wipers, and any other sensors that are installed.

Exhaust and Fuel System

Exhaust and fuel systems are thoroughly checked for leaks, damages and deterioration, including tank fittings, fuel pump, fuel lines, and breather pipes.

Brakes, Wheels and Tyres

Brakes are checked for any fluid leaks and visible signs of deterioration. Discs and pedals are also checked, as are the wheels and tyres for signs of wear and tear, wheel trims, wheel rims and tread depths of tyres.

Final Drive Operation

Finally, a thorough drive operation is carried out to inspect the overall stability and behaviour of the vehicle under stress. This includes checking for overheating, clutch operation, brake and steering operation, instruments and noise.

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