Vehicle Inspection in Liverpool

You should remember that prevention is better than cure if you plan to buy a used car. A used car inspection allows you to ensure your purchase is as good as you want it to be and determines hidden issues, downtime, and repair costs beforehand.

Inspecting a vehicle requires professional expertise and skills with specific technical knowledge, necessitating hiring experienced individuals to complete this complex and crucial task.

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Our company provides highly qualified services for car inspections in Liverpool. Performing a complete vehicle check, we have saved thousands of pounds for our customers by eliminating the nasty surprises. We have been in the vehicle industry for several years, conducting inspections from several aspects and leaving no stone unturned.

Our experts perform different checks to assess the vehicle’s overall condition and provide an accurate and comprehensive summary report. We know which parts to look for to ensure efficiency, which include day-to-day running of the brakes, engine, gearbox, and much more. This way, we help you avoid additional bills after purchasing the vehicle.

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Vehicle Inspection Service

We Tick All Items in Checklist

We inspect different types of vehicles every day and know them inside out, having complete knowledge of what parts commonly fail. Based on our experience, we have made a comprehensive checklist for vehicle inspection in Liverpool, suitable for every type of vehicle, make and model.

For a complete pre-purchase car inspection, we ensure no part gets missed:

  • H.P.I Report
  • Lights Check
  • Wipers Check
  • Oil Level Check
  • Windscreen Test
  • ABS Check and Test
  • Battery Charge Check
  • Body Condition Check
  • Screen Washer Check
  • Visual Exhaust Check
  • Air Conditioning Check
  • Visual Suspension Check
  • ECU Diagnostic Full Vehicle Scan
  • Air Bag Diagnostic and Crash Report Test
  • Tyre Tread, Pressure, and Condition Check
  • Auto-Electrical Fault Find and Diagnostic Check
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You Will Get a Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection Report

We provide a detailed vehicle inspection report, which includes the results of all the professional checks and tests performed by our specialists. This report is prepared after a thorough examination of the car, covering 226 to 318 factors ranging from electrical and mechanical parts to a history check.

The report is divided into two sections; one includes the results of mechanical parts checks, and the other covers the interior and exterior condition of the vehicle. We mark different checks against each factor as Green, Amber, and Red, colours indicating OK, Warning, and Danger status for the car, respectively.

In addition, we also include photos to provide you with all the information required for making the final decision, allowing you to understand each section’s meaning quickly.

We Check All the Parts Vital for Your Safety and Wallet!

Our certified and licenced specialists look outside the box and at common items or parts of the vehicle to perform detailed inspections. Being proficient and diligent in their work, our experienced team members target each area of the vehicle to provide you with complete peace of mind and satisfaction.

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