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Buying a car is more convenient and comfortable than any transportation solution. Over the years, the used car market has evolved, making owning a car more accessible and affordable. However, you shall not buy a used car because it’s affordable; it must be capable of bringing convenience to your life by performing efficiently. Therefore, thoroughly inspect a used car before buying it.

Contact National Vehicle Inspections for car inspection in Nottingham by a licenced and certified team. From luggage compartments to tyres, our experienced crew will pay attention to all details to check the vehicle’s condition.

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Unrivalled Benefits of Our Car Inspection Services

We are a reliable and registered company providing used car inspection services in Nottingham. There are various unrivalled benefits of car inspection, such as:

Assesses Car’s Condition

It allows you to assess the actual condition of the car. You understand how often it has been repaired and how the vehicle is handled. The detailed inspection report by specialists will provide thorough information on the condition of different car parts.

Assists in Negotiation

When you know the condition of the car, you understand its worth. Based on this knowledge, you can negotiate in a better way and make a good deal.

Promotes Informed Decision Making

A car inspection report provides details of every component and part of the automobile, from the engine to the combustion system, guiding you about the vehicle’s overall performance and letting you decide if it is worth the purchase.

Avoids Unexpected Costly Repairs

Buying a used car can result in unexpected costly repairs as you don’t know how well its engine and electrical controls work. Pre-purchase car inspection reveals hidden damages, preventing unexpected repairs after months of purchase.

Contact us for advance booking and reap all these benefits of vehicle inspection services.

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Our Comprehensive Inspection Services

At National Vehicle Inspections, we provide comprehensive car inspection services at an affordable cost. Our qualified specialists pay special attention to every detail and provide a comprehensive written and verbal report on different components of the car. Our comprehensive services include:

Interior Inspection: It involves checking the steering wheel, seat positions & seatbelts, airbags, luggage compartment, safety features, and other interior components.

Exterior Inspection: It’s the inspection of a car’s exterior, including its body, doors, paint, lights, windshields, mirrors, and vipers.

Mechanical Inspection: The engine and all its components, combustion system, exhaust system, transmission, fluids & fuel system, and brakes are the main things checked during the mechanical inspection.

Electrical Inspection: All electric components and controls in a vehicle are inspected in this inspection, including lights, fans/air conditioners, and heater controls.

Framework Inspection: This includes inspecting tyres, wheels, front and rear extensions, axles, and frames.

Final Inspection: When all the components are inspected, we perform a final inspection to check if any point is left unnoticed. We check for fluid and fuel leaks during this inspection and conduct a 10-mile road test (if required).

Mechanical Inspection

Can’t Find the Answer? Not to worry! Get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Why Select National Vehicle Inspections

  • We are a reliable and experienced company providing vehicle inspection services for over 45 years.
  • Our crew has skilled and qualifie engineers for vehicle inspection in Nottingham (NG1) or elsewhere in the UK.
  • We provide a detailed written report to help you assess the vehicle’s history and current condition.
  • Our experts will provide a verbal report and advise you about making a final call.
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