Vehicle Inspection in Cambridge

Vehicle inspection involves a qualified engineer examining the vehicle in detail, ascertaining if it is perfect and safe to drive. Based on the detailed analysis, the engineer provides recommendations for necessary repairs, allowing you to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of a vehicle.

Whether a beginner or an experienced driver, you might not know the technicalities and crucial components to assess before purchasing a used car. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get professional assistance as the experts have all the knowledge regarding different checks and tests performed.

We provide experienced services for vehicle inspection in Cambridge, allowing you to identify past problems and faults not mentioned by the sellers in the vehicle listing. Our specialists conduct used car inspections to uncover all the issues you might overlook when purchasing a car. Providing clear and concise answers to your concerns and queries, we give all the information you need to negotiate the best price for the vehicle.

Vehicle Inspection in Cambridge


Vehicle Inspection Service

Licenced & Certified Pre Purchase Car Inspection

Our qualified engineers perform all the detailed checks, sparing you from any headaches. Performing thorough car inspections in Cambridge, we look out for any hidden signs that require attention and assist you in preventing future costly repairs. We have a detailed checklist that our mechanics go through while performing all the checks, providing you with a detailed report regarding the vehicle’s condition.

We undertake vehicle inspection in Cambridge (CB1) to check the car’s exterior, interior, and under the hood components, including:

  • Brakes
  • Lights
  • Chassis
  • Fluid Levels
  • Suspension
  • Car Underside
  • Vehicle Interior

We also perform a road test to examine the vehicle’s condition in more detail by checking all the crucial safety features, such as the brake system and steering control, ensuring it is safe to drive on the road.

Vehicle Inspection Report

After completing all the necessary checks and tests, we provide a detailed report of the professional’s analysis. Conducting a thorough examination, our professionals cover 226 to 318 factors, which range from mechanical and electrical parts to history checks and finance reports. This way, we help you make an informed purchasing decision by knowing about the car’s health.

We use three traffic light-style marks to let you know about the results of different checks in different sections of the report, such as:

  • Red – Danger
  • Amber – Warning
  • Green – OK

These colour indicators help you get an exact idea about the vehicle’s condition and the required repairs for proper maintenance.

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